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They need to be exceptionally dependable, and repeatedly deliver outstanding quality at an affordable price. And they demand nothing less from the office equipment they rely on day in and day out. Panasonic provides high output, high performance, highly reliable and cost-effective multi-function units that allow for seamless integration of scanning, printing, copying, faxing and document management. To succeed in business, it helps to have the right partners.

Panaboard: UB-T880

The Panasonic Elite Panaboard UB-T880 Interactive Whiteboard is a multi-touch system that lets three poeple to write simultaneously on the board. The elite Panaboard lets you display the contents of a computer screen directly onto the board. It is sensitive to finger touch and electronic pen. Complete with an abundance of interactive technologies, the UB-T880 is the tool you need to keep those ideas flowing and engage your audience; it is designed for educational institutions and businesses.

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